Our Mission

St. Huckleberry Animal Fund’s mission and common purpose is to make the world a safer and better place for all animals; to provide and promote the humane treatment of all animals by building a global movement to end animal cruelty and a motivating force for good on their behalf.

Who We Are

St. Huckleberry Animal Fund was founded by Lori Dover in 2021 in honor of her beloved kitten, Huckleberry, who became the inspiration to advocate for stronger animal cruelty laws and encourage human moral responsibility and esprit de corps.

Our Work Helping Animals and People

St. Huckleberry Animal Fund is invested in creating a better and brighter future for animal and human welfare through advanced technological innovation and engagement with policy makers, scientists, industry and civic leadership to achieve the following goals:

  • Protect all animals from cruelty and violence and create stronger laws whilst encouraging the federal government to enforce existing animal protection laws;
    Aggregate and work with others to pass legislation preventing YouTube, the online video sharing and social media platform, from allowing videos depicting animal abuse, which are in clear violation of its rules.
  • Due to climate change, the number of extreme weather events are projected to increase, which must incentivize new design in disaster-risk management and an emergency operations plan (EOP) for animal and human survival.
  • Educate and implement M*A*S*H (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) Clinics in cities, small towns and rural communities.

    M*A*S*H clinics not only make a critical impact on the overpopulation problem, but provide quality, low-cost veterinary care for the animals in need and the people who love them.

Our First M*A*S*H Clinic

St. Huckleberry Animal Fund launched its first free MASH Clinic at the Lake Charles Civic Center venue in August 2021. Our first M*A*S*H clinic benefited 121 cats impacted by 4 historic disasters (in the span of 9 months) that devastated this Gulf Coast city.

St. Huckleberry Animal Fund is diligently working to make this a regular event, three times a year, for cats and dogs.

St. Huckleberry Animal Fund partnered with the Wellness Pet Company on a 7-pallet donation to feed over 1,000 cats in need and help pet parents struggling, in Lake Charles, LA, due to U.S inflation.
The May 4, 2023 Civic Center event was a huge success and we are grateful to the Wellness Pet Company for this generous cat food donation and fully support their mission and commitment to making the world a better place for pets everywhere.
St. Huckleberry Animal Fund looks forward to partnering with the Wellness Pet Company in future, as we are creating a network of hope and our mission and common purpose is to make the world a safer and better place for all animals.

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St. Huckleberry Animal Fund

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